Product Management

Technology & user behaviours are constantly changing in the digital world. Digital products need to learn, adapt and evolve to provide maximum value to users & stakeholders. Having worked on technical ad products with Yahoo & Oath for the best part of 10 years, I am now a firm believer in the LEAN way of working. I am a certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and have a Product Management qualification from General Assembly, so I'm up to date with the latest product management best practices. Please get in touch if you're looking for senior product management leadership.


Competitor & Market Analysis

No matter what product you're trying to develop, having a deep knowledge of the existing market is key. I can help you identify your market and, crucially, the problem you're trying to solve.

Problem solving

Once you know the problem you're trying to solve, it's all about finding the right solution - from a technical, user & business perspective. Having worked as a developer (frontend), designer & journalist I have a broad set of perspectives to draw on when solving problems.


When you've found your solution, you need to set out your vision and communicate a roadmap for the future. I've owned regional roadmaps, contributed to global roadmaps and advised on product changes for large multinational organisations and can help you in setting out your roadmap. 



People lead by what they do, not by the title they have. I have lead & coached EMEA and multi-market teams for Yahoo & Oath covering creative, engineering & pre-sales teams. I try to lead based on my values: fun, integrity, fairness, excellence & freedom.

Organisational & Change management

Having worked for some of the world's leading tech & media companies (Yahoo, Oath & BBC), I have always worked in fast paced environments. As a result, I expect & welcome change. This brings a whole host of challenges for management: process changes, organisational changes, team motivation & goal setting. In need of some organisational or change management? Contact me to see where & how I can help you achieve your goals.


Agile teams leadership

I am a firm believer in the Agile framework and I've extensive experience in leading & working with Agile (usually Scrum) teams. I've helped lead the transition from waterfall to Agile ways of working and can advise or even help you transform your business by introducing the Agile framework in your business. Sounds like something you need? Please get in touch.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a leadership skill and one I have a keen interest in. As a proud graduate of the Ginger Inspiring Speakers course, I look to use & hone my skills whenever I can. I also try to help team members & others in developing this important skill.

Media Production

Media is everywhere and there are countless challenges & formats to contend with. My background is in multimedia production and I've worked on marketing campaigns for some of the world's largest brands in my time with Yahoo & Oath including Paramount Pictures, Sony, Apple, Netflix, Expedia and Bose to name a few.


Content creation

The media landscape has changed enormously from the time I first started studying media in 2002. While the quantity of content created has increased, the need for quality content not only remains, it has increased. I have expertise producing content for :

  • Design (branding/social/websites/print & more)
  • Writing (for Web, TV, Radio etc. - I'm a fully qualified BJTC broadcast journalist)
  • Video
  • Audio

If you need help with content creation, please contact me.

Creative consultancy & Advice

I have helped some of the most respected media agencies, creative agencies and brands in the world with creative consultancy for some of their advertising campaigns. You can see a few examples of past work in the Work section. Contact me if you'd like to know more.


Innovation is a word that gets thrown around endlessly in the media & tech world (sorry!). To me, it simply means trying new creative ways to solve problems. I have innovated & lead teams to innovate in my time at Yahoo & Oath - even gaining some award nominations. I believe space should always be made for fresh thinking, but work spaces should foster bouncing ideas around and trying new things. Let me know if you're looking for help with introducing innovation streams to your workplace, or if you'd like help with product innovation.


New Learning

I don't believe in standing still or getting restricted to one specific role or industry so I constantly look to learn & build on my skillset. Areas I am exploring are below:



Not bitcoin, blockchain! I believe consensus based systems will change, not only industry, but potentially power systems & the world. I'm particularly interested in use cases outside of finance including media & rights ownership, the decentralised web, digital democracy & journalism (e.g. Civil - I firmly believe there is, and will be, an alternative to the ad based media model). I'm looking to develop more in this field so please reach out and let's get a conversation going.