David Murray Media
David Murray Media
Product Manager, Digital Creative and Leader.

Product Manager. Digital Creative. Leader

David Murray


Hi! I'm David

I'm a product manager, digital creative and leader. My aim is to lead people to create excellent products that positively benefit society & the planet. 

My Values

Fun: Work hard, but always with a sense of fun. 
Integrity: Treat others the way you want to be. Be honest & be prepared for honesty in return. 
Fairness: Be inclusive & consider all stakeholders. Be objective in decision making and give people a chance.
Excellence: Deliver all work to the highest possible standard. Always ask yourself: “am I proud of this?”
Freedom: People should be free to express opinions & be given space to solve challenges themselves. They should also be held accountable for what they do with that freedom.


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I'm always looking for new challenges, meeting new people and learning.



I’ve had the pleasure to work with David in different capacities at Yahoo/Oath over the past 5 years, in each, I’ve found him to be reliable, supportive and a brilliant driver of change. Whether it’s launching products, streamlining processes, creating workflows for new processes, or supporting client pitches, David’s proactivity, problem-solving and professionalism has been consistent, and ensured projects were smooth and timely.
— Lobna El Shafie
David is one of these people who make you happy to go to work: he works with very high standards, he respects other people’s work, he fosters a positive environment, he cares about the reputation and well being of his team.
He’s also very versatile: he feels comfortable speaking to top managers as well as having technical conversations with developers, proving to be very influential in every context.
— Alessandro Binetti
I have had the pleasure to have David work in my group for several years in various functions with him leading the Sales Engineering team for Yahoo EMEA at most recent proving himself a great functional and people manager. David throughout the years we worked together always showed a great talent in bringing forward solutions and ideas and working them into feasible long term solutions he could get the entire team behind. He is a great communicator and fun to work with.
— Herbert Dazo


About Me


I was always creative growing up. This eventually sparked an interest in media. I have been a journalist, a developer, a designer and a leader of international teams at global tech & media companies. After years engulfed in digital media, tech and advertising I started moving towards creating media products. I want to use my skills to create positive change in media, technology & society.
I also established a progressive house record label with my brother: Soria Music. I’m a husband, a son and a Dad.